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How to Overcome Language Barriers in the Workplace


As a leading language service provider in Iowa, we are experts when it comes to overcoming language barriers. Here are some effective strategies that you should consider in your organization:

  • Whenever possible, use plain language.

    This is especially important if you are working with a person who has a different native language or you are explaining something technical to a non-technical co-worker. While many people often use esoteric vocabulary or jargon to sound intelligent, it only creates confusion and miscommunication.

  • Use interpretation and translation services.

    This can help team members with different native tongues understand instructions. Moreover, if your organization has offices around the world, a professional translator can make sure your messages will be understood. Using free websites is not reliable as these do not account for the different usage of some words in different cultures as well as different dialects.

  • Offer free classes.

    You should include a crash course during the initial job training about all the technical terms or jargon that are used in your organization. Then, include ongoing classes so that everyone can speak and understand the same language and become conversational or even fluent. This can open more opportunities for your teams.

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